Brazil – Ankle Restored Completely

I prayed for a man with pain in his ankle. He did not recall what had happened to cause the pain. As I prayed, he said the pain was only about 10% better. I continued to pray asking God to heal it 100%, but no avail. Then suddenly the Lord told me that this was a demonic attack to distract him. 

So I had the translator explain it to him, and then I began to command the enemy to release his ankle in Jesus name. He then said the pain got worse. I knew at this point that the enemy was fighting back because he did not want to lose his grip on this man. So I commanded the enemy to leave again and suddenly all the pain left. God then gave me a prophetic word for him that this attack on his physical ankle was symbolic. The enemy wants to attack his “walk” with God and prevent him from walking in his destiny. But God said to tell him that no weapon formed against him will prosper and that he will walk in his destiny. That no matter what comes up against him, he should keep his eyes on God and not on any distractions the enemy brings. ~Mary
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