Brazil – Older Woman with Bee Allergy

In the slums the Wednesday, we prayed for a lady who could speak a little bit of English and was a drug addict.  After a few minutes of prayer, I saw a very large, completely black bee (twice the size of a large bumble bee).  The bee came into my view from the left, hovered briefly within a foot of my face, and then zigzagged off to the right.  I asked her if there’s something about bees with her.  She said that she has a bad rash all over from an allergic reaction to bee strings.  That she gets stung by bees during the night.  We prayed all kinds of stuff against the bees.  Later, on the bus, other folks on the team said that they didn’t see a bee and that it was a visual word of knowledge. Gloria de Deus.~Tim

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