Brazil – Emotional Healing, Curses Broken, Shoulder Pain Healed

“A lady came for emotional healing. I prayed for Father’s love- she cried and I asked if there is anyone to forgive. She forgave her husband, she received inner healing and shoulder pain was gone. She left with joy and loved. Her brother came for healing for being freed from drinking and smoking, he felt something lift off. I prayed for a teenage young lady crying. Prayed for blood pressure to lower and she passed out. Kylie prayed for healing. Lady was still crying so I prayed for all generational curses and illnesses be broken off (lady flew back) the mother renounced macumba, and we prayed again. The mother and father renounced witchcraft off the other young sister and we prayed for the allergy to be healed. Love on the whole family, blessed them. We told them to cleanse their home and read the word.”


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