Brazil – Breaking the Spirit of Death

Someone called me over to help with a girl who was choking after she was prayed for. She couldn’t breathe and was panicking. The Holy Spirit showed me that it was a spirit of death and that she had attempted suicide recently. I commanded the spirit of death to release her throat in the name of Jesus. It did right away. I then got her to renounce a list of spirits that the Holy Spirit was showing me. The root was heartbreak, she then confirmed this. I then got her to command every spirit renounced to leave every area of her body, mind and soul right now in Jesus’ name. She immediately started coughing for about the next 10 minutes. After I prayed for her again and asked the Holy Spirit to fill every area where there had been heartbreak, sadness, sorrow etc. PS. She had a problem forgiving in the renouncing stage. So I got her to renounce every spirit of bitterness and unforgiveness and commanded them to leave. She was then able to forgive. After receiving the second prayer, she got blasted and fell to the floor shaking. Later she came and found me and gave me a big hug. She said she felt so much power flowing through her body and felt total peace and release. Thank you Jesus! Glory to God the Father!

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