Brazil – Car Accident 5 years of Neck pain/6 years of Metal Rods in Knees

I spent a long time praying for a lovely lady who had a car accident 5 years ago and had badly damaged her neck. She was in pain and couldn’t turn it sideways. To turn her head, she had to turn her entire body. She also damaged one knee 6 years ago and had 2 titanium rods in it. She suffered cramps when she walked and found it hard to go up and down stairs. She said she didn’t need to forgive anyone as the accident was due to rainy weather.

I prayed then asked her to see if she could move her head. She wouldn’t as the doctors had said to her to not turn her neck. Then I asked her how she was going to know that she was healed. Realizing her challenge,she decided she was going to believe Jesus was able to do the impossible. So, she repented of believing the doctors and confessed her faith in Jesus and prayed again. She carefully moved her head and started to cry. She had no pain and could move it! She was overwhelmed. Her cramps in her leg went also and there was more improvement in mobility but it wasn’t completely healed. The next day I found her and she still had no pain and complete mobility in her neck. She could now kneel on the floor and lean back on her calves.100% healed!

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