Brazil – Deaf Ears Open

As I waited for an interpreter, Cassandra (another GSSM student) and began praying for people who approached us and when we were finished there was no one else standing in the front so I decided we should go and find people to pray for in the seats. I spotted a man (who had been waiting for prayer earlier) sitting in the middle of the room with 2 others sitting beside him. We walked over and asked if any of them needed prayer. His companion said he was deaf since birth in one ear and had 20% hearing in the other ear. So we began praying for him. We prayed 3 times. Each time, we checked for improvement and each time he said it was 50%, 60%, and finally 80% better. Although he did not speak English, he was able to repeat the English phrases we said back to us from a distance of approximately 10 feet. He said later, during the on-camera interview, that when we prayed, he heard crackling in his ears! Yaaaaaaay GOD!

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