Brazil – Family Encounters Jesus in their Home

In the slums the Wednesday, a lady in her late 40s early 50s invited us into her house. We walk down a long corridor to get into her home.  Her 16 year old daughter was sitting at the kitchen table with a 4 month old baby (both were healthy).  We talked at length with the grandma.  She has 3 kids, the 16 year old girl, a 17 year old son and a 21 year old daughter who has 3 kids and was 7 months pregnant.  We asked if the grandma wanted to come to Jesus. She said she wanted to but couldn’t because she smokes.  We asked if she would be willing to pray: “Jesus I want to give my life to you, help me”.  She was willing right away to pray that.  

We then prayed for help to be healed from her addiction to nicotine. I can’t recall, I’ve asked the Lord to bring back to mind, but my recollection is that this we led her to Jesus.  The 21 year old daughter came into the house.  We asked her if she would go and get her husband (who was a drug addict).  She went to find him.  They said that it was a miracle that she found him and that he came.  We sat on the floor and talked with him for 15 minutes or so. He gave his life to Jesus and we spoke a leadership destiny over him.  Meanwhile, 2 of the team members with another interpreter brought the 17 year son to Jesus. At least two members of the household came to Jesus that day. Gloria de Deus. ~Tim
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