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Brazil – God Mending a Broken Marriage

I prayed with a young married couple. The wife looked to me like she was dragging her reluctant husband for prayer. She finally found me an interpreter and explained that their marriage was in a very difficult place and had been for a while. She told me she had a lot of hurts from things he’d done. I told her that first and foremost, she had to look to Jesus to be her lover – to fill her and love her perfectly – that her husband could never fulfill all of the other’s needs. She started to cry and agree when I said that. Then I asked if there was any unforgiveness in either of their hearts. He said on his part no. She said yes. I asked if she was willing to forgive she said yes.

I told them that God was for their marriage and all the power of heaven is with her, when she prays for her marriage. I prayed that the Lord would fill her heart with His love and heal her wounds and broken heartedness. It was so wonderful to see her able to let out the hurts. When we were done, I asked how she felt… she said better. I asked if she could offer forgiveness to her husband which she did then. Then I prayed a blessing over their marriage – over him specifically that he would call out his wife’s destiny and love her like Christ loved the church. It was such an honor to pray for their marriage. I was so blessed by the whole night.

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