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Brazil – High Blood Pressure, Stressed Out, and Depressed

The last man I prayed for came up to me and didn’t say anything and my translator said that he had high blood pressure and that he was depressed and stressed out. I look at my translator and say “how do you know? Are you like prophetic?” And he said back “he is my dad”. Anyway I prayed for him, just imparting joy into his life, and I could tell God was lifting a lot of weight off his shoulders. Then he said he had pain in his left upper thigh and it was swollen, so I prayed for that and he said all the pain was gone. I thought we were done praying but then he says pray for my back because it hurts. At this point I wasn’t even asking where the pain was coming from. I was in such healing mode that I knew God was going to heal him and interviewing him wasn’t necessary. Once I was done praying he said there was not a thing in his body that hurt. God showed up for sure!

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