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Brazil – Pain in Stomach Healed

The last night of the trip was the coolest night for me. I prayed for a man who came forward for prayer for pain in the right side of his stomach. As we didn’t have many translators and mine left me to help someone else so I just prayed in English for this pain in his side to leave. He didn’t fall but started to sway a bit. When I had finished my prayer my translator had just come back and we asked him how he was doing. He said he was good and the pain was gone. Then he said that I had prayed in Portuguese.

I was very confused. I told him that I didn’t speak in Portuguese and that I can only speak English. I said that maybe he just heard me say two or so phrases in Portuguese like “Mais senyor” and “obrigado senjor”. But he said that I prayed in Portuguese the whole time and he was very amazed because he hadn’t told me that he also had an itching in the arches of his feet and I started to pray for that apparently in Portuguese and when I did that he felt fire all through his body all the pain left. How good is God? ~Paul

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