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Brazil – Pressure from Tumor Leaves

A woman came for prayer for a tumor in her brain as well as a ticking in her ear. The tumor was reportedly behind her left ear, which was the ear that was ticking. The tumor was not visible, nor could you feel it. But she had pain and pressure in that back section of her head, and the doctors were going to be scheduling surgery for her. 

I laid my hand on her head behind her left ear, and as I did, my right hand began to shake and it felt like FIRE came out of it. The woman said she felt fire/heat and tingling in her head and we continued to pray until all the pain and pressure was gone! She was convinced the tumor was no longer their because of the way her head felt. She told the translator she knew she would no longer need surgery! I then prayed for the ticking in her ear to stop but it would not. Then God told me to SPEAK into her ear… so I said “TICKING sair agora em nome de jesus” (ticking leave now in Jesus name) and it stopped completely! She was crying tears of joy and would not stop hugging me! ~Mary
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