Brazil – Psoriasis, Blood Pressure, Brain Disorder, Emotional Pain Touched

“On our first day in Brazil we went to one of Gustov’s churches. I decided that I would work the back of the room when it was time for prayer. I prayed for one woman for her salvation and then she showed me that she needed healing for psoriasis. God healed me of it within the past three months, so I know how to pray for this. Then came Daniel who needed prayer for his blood pressure. Then came Matthew—he wanted to go deeper with God, that is why I came to Brazil, so I know his heart; Then I had a lady who wanted her husband to return (I too have endured the pain of this). Then came Gissel, who needed help with a broken heart, knowing asking God to stitch it back together with gold thread helped me, it helped her too. Then came a young lady with a brother who had a brain disorder—I know God was truly the one sending them to me, as I have a daughter with a rare brain disorder. With each person the Holy Spirit stretched my compassion. Although not sad, I cried during each encounter—not my normal course of action. I was amazed at God’s order and plan for my assignment. I felt so blessed. Praise to the King of Kings!”


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