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Brazil – Puncture from Stingray Healed

Last night I had a word of knowledge but we didn’t give any that night so I figured it was for today’s meeting at the Paz church in Parangaba. I preached and then had Team A give words of knowledge. People were standing in response to the words given. I was the last one to give a word. I said, “Someone was in a fishing accident”.

No one responded. We went on with healing and impartation and ended the meeting. We were in the back having refreshment before the next service started and in walks the pastor with a man. “here is your fishing accident”. This man (who is on staff at the church) was fishing in the Amazon two months ago and stepped on a stingray and suffered a deep puncture to his foot. He was stuck by the harpoon part of the tail. He was in pain and had a hole in his foot.

We prayed for him and the stinging stopped. Prayed again and he was healed! He then told us that he was working at the meeting where Randy was speaking. He had an impression from the Lord that he needed to be Parangaba church. He got permission to leave that meeting and came to where we are (not knowing why). He was led to the back where we are and there gets healed! I guess when he showed up they asked him why he was there and somehow connected the dots. I am excited about this one!

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