Brazil – Siblings Healed

I prayed for a girl, her older sister and younger brother. The young girl of about 25 years old had pain in the back of her neck. I prayed and she got completely healed. Then the sister asked for prayer and she got completely healed. Then the brother asked for prayer and I started praying a prayer of blessing and he began to shake all over his body. He was called into the ministry. 

Then all of us circle together and held hands and prayed for all the other brothers and sisters in their family. There were six other brothers and sisters… nine children all together. The first sister, who was healed of neck pain, fell down into deep wailing travailing prayer for her family. All of us laid hands on her and continued to pray with her until travail prayer lifted around 10 minutes later. They left happy and full of glory. Thank you Jesus ~Patty
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