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Brazil – Sitting on Papa Lap being Refreshed


There was love and warmth coming from it. The light drew me right into it. It was fabulous. There was no space between me & the Father. Just total unity – face to face. Father was delighted that I was sitting there. He was enjoying this as much as I was. He was in no rush for me to leave. The light was filling me. I knew it would go with me & dispel the darkness when I left the throne. Father experiences great joy when His children come to Him and they are together. He delights in us recognizing our position as children. We are small but Father’s greatness and power is very impressive. He is God! He is displeased when we act like god – in control. This was serious to Father. He does’t want us to be controlling or doing things in our own strength

It is sin – a big sin – Idolatry. He is in control. Father impressed upon me he scripture, unless you become like children … you do not enter into the Kingdom. My position and his position was very clear. I experienced my joy but also his joy. It was just because I am His child. Not because of what I do. No performance needed. His instructions were impressed upon me. Learn from Me. Learn to sit on His lap to be filled and instructed. Do what He instructs. If He doesn’t give instructions, don’t go and try to find something to do! Sitting Papa’s lap was so safe! I loved it..His power and His control. I felt such peace. He impressed me that He is God and I am His child. When this position is not maintained it grieves Him. He is grieved by my entire struggle to control or handle or initiate. This is His position. I am to learn how to work from his rest seated
on the throne!

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