Brazil – Thyroid, Eyesight, Severe Headaches Healed

“Older man, with thyroid problems leading to headaches. Prayed with him for less than 20 seconds then asked him how it felt, he said all pain had gone! Younger guy with torn ligaments in knee after a soccer injury, prayed for less than 20 seconds then asked him how it was. All pain gone! A young lady came with severe long sightedness. After praying over her five or six times and seeing an improvement each time, she finally said she was 100% better and could read my name badge from about three feet away. Middle aged guy with some kind of mucus build up in the base of his eyes which led to severe headaches. Prayed for less than 20 seconds, and he reported eyes 100% better, but headache still there. After one further short prayer asked how the headache was. He said it was completely gone.”


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