Brazil – Very bad Abdominal Pain

A young man came for prayer with very bad abdominal pain which he believed had a psychological root,
because he suffered with overwhelming sadness. There seemed to be no reason for this sadness. He was very troubled and desperate for a touch from God. I began to pray for the LORD to fill him with love and peace displacing anything not of the Lord. As the Spirit led I bound and broke things off. At one point I looked down at his hands which were gripping mine tightly . His skin was gray. I broke off the spirit of death. The LORD touched him powerfully. He was trembling and weeping and gripping my hands. I continued with prayers of filing and blessing. The weeping turned into praising and thanking God , and laughing. I began to declare destiny over him. He began to shout with his eyes closed and his face turned up to heaven. “ I believe it! I believe it! Obrigado Jesus! “and laughing. He fell down and continued to shake and be powerfully touched. I continued to pray quietly touching his hand and let the Lord do his thing. When he got up all his pain was gone. He was filled with life and joy. He was so happy and thankful. This was after the afternoon session. I was so happy , so touched by it, I wanted to do something to further encourage him. Later I gave him the Portuguese/English worship CD . After evening service he found me and asked for my email so he could share the great things God was going to do in his life. This was the most dramatic inner healing I have seen. I hope I never forget the look of joy and peace on his face.

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