Brazil – Young Man On Fire

We joined a smaller team of 15 who were ministering with Lois Burgher at a sister church. There were perhaps 200 in attendance. We had a great time of worship and then the pastor asked that all of our team come to the front, so the church could sing to us. They sang us a love song! Imagine a row of teenage boys not only singing to you, but making heart shapes with their hands and motioning them towards you! If that wasn’t heart melting enough, then the pastor invited the people to come up and welcome us and they came up and gave us real hugs! I felt so loved. Then Lois spoke on the Father’s heart and love.

Here in Brazil, 30 percent of the population does not have a father’s name on their birth certificate… Lois shared how God gave His Son Jesus to save us and then invited all those who wanted to know God as their loving Father to come forward. Seventeen came forward, mostly children around perhaps 10-14. She continued her message and it was so gentle and beautiful. During the ministry time, John prayed for a young man. As man held out his hands, John held them and felt a heat in his own hands. He said that he felt that God was giving the young man an anointing for healing. Then the man went down under the power of God. John continued to pray for other people but noticed that the man would sit up but then lay back down. The man motioned towards his legs with a questioning look on his face. He could not move anything from his waist down! Later his legs were on fire! Betsy was asked to pray for a boy’s leg and John suggested that young man pray for him. While still lying on the floor, he prayed for the boy’s leg and he was healed! The man lay on the floor for at least an hour before he could finally get up. The next morning we were back at the main church for a teaching session and the young man was there. Betsy had a sense that what the man had experienced was a call to ministry. We asked the man if he had any idea what his leg experience was about. He did not. Then, with Elisabeth’s help, we asked if he felt a call on his life. He said yes, to evangelism and theater. We asked if we could pray for that. As we prayed what we felt God was saying about him, he began crying and asking God for souls, for souls!!! Such a precious young man! And we believe that God will use him mightily to bring thousands into the Kingdom!

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