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Brazilian Brother and Sister Blessed to Minister Healing Prayer


Besides seeing two backs healed, three knees healed, a shoulder healed, and a lost voice restored in one night, I also had the opportunity to pray for a few people that did not receive their healing yet. Some people wanted prayer for their family and for more of God in their life. But the coolest prayers tonight were not for healings; my 19-year-old interpreter Lucas (who wants to be a doctor) and his younger sister (Jasmine) both came to me for prayer because they could see what God was doing in me. Jasmine wanted God to bless her ministry and her life. And Lucas, who had been astonished at what God had done, asked me to pray for him that he would have healing in his hands. That is the coolest to me because their faith will be so high that they will be bringing deliverance to others!

Brandon, Pastor

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