Breaking Curse Loosens Knee, Swelling Leaves!

I prayed for Isaiah for a long time. He had a locked knee that would not bend or straighten. He told me that his preacher had told him a witch must have placed a curse on him which locked his knee. 

His knee would lock all of a sudden with no injury or indication that it was going to happen. He had gone to doctors and they could not tell why it was locked.  I prayed and broke off the curse that was placed over his knee and slowly it began to move. The size of his right leg was swollen quite a bit bigger than the left leg. I commanded all the swelling to go in Jesus’ name. The swelling started to go down. I felt that if he would start to walk in faith that he would be healed. I asked him to walk.  He got up and started to walk and bend his knee. I asked him to stop and hunch down and he did. We praised God. We thanked God and continued to bless what God was doing.  His leg was in pain as he walked and bent it.  He sat down and straightened his leg that he couldn’t straighten before.  We prayed over his leg and commanded the pain to go and it left.  As we prayed we felt the nerves in his legs responding. The swelling was leaving too.  He was very thankful. He hadn’t been able to do that for three months. – Kimberly

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