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Burdens Laid at Jesus Feet

I spotted a woman in the congregation crying and I went over to give her a hug. Even though she couldn’t understand, God laid it on my heart to tell her that she was beautiful, that He loves her very much, and that her value and worth is found in Him. 

I walked away to pray for other people. A translator approached me later that night with the same lady that I spotted crying earlier and asked me if there was anything that I wanted to say to her. I stated the message that I had said to her earlier. I also felt God was telling me to tell her that her battle was not her own and she should give all her struggles to God and surrender everything to Him. Tears started streaming down the woman’s face and the translator’s face. I asked the translator why they were crying. She told me that the woman was her mother. They were going through a lot of family struggles at that time and this had touched them. I asked if I could pray for their family and they agreed. I was encouraged by their faith, because they seemed to be laying everything at the feet of Jesus in that moment. – Natalie
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