Cancerous Lumps Disappear

A woman with lumps in her left breast and liver affected by cancer came for prayer. We prayed for her – she felt fire and heat in her body. This prayer turned into an inner healing session. We felt a little resistance but when I prayed the Father’s love over her, she fell to the floor and started breaking down. We led her through forgiveness prayer and baptized her with the love of the Father. After she got up we asked her to check the lumps in her breast. She did but she couldn’t find them anymore. Praise Jesus. We prayed for another lady called Simone who had breast cancer. After the prayer I felt like I’m supposed to pray a mother’s blessing over her, when I did she broke down in tears and told us that her mother has abandoned her when she was little. We also took her through a prayer of forgiveness for her Father. She couldn’t feel the lumps anymore. -Esther

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