Cataracts Unveiled for an 11-Year Old Boy

During the last Service at Batista Central, I gave a Word of Knowledge about eye lids jumping and pressure and pain behind the eyes.  At the end of that service, an 11-year old boy came up for prayer for cataracts on his right eye and his mother accompanied him.  As he poured out in desperation, a translator assisted so that I could understand; and I was literally gripped with compassion as he pleaded for his needs. He had cataracts for over two years in his right eye and could only see blurs. Nothing was distinguishing, no colors, although, his left eye functioned fairly normal but was tired from the extra work compensating for the right eye. I laid my hands on his right eye and first thanked God for the life of this precious child and declared that he was fearfully and wonderfully made in Christ Jesus according to Psalm 139:14.  

I invited Holy Spirit to come in “Espirito Santo” and prayed for inflammation and pain to cease. I asked for Jesus to unveil his eyes, stop the cataracts and restore his vision. I asked him what he was feeling and if he could see. He said, “I am beginning to see some things clearer.”  I asked him to rate it on a scale of 1-10 and he said about a 5 or better.  This was encouraging to all of us. I laid hands again and called for “More Fire” and “Mas Amore” (More Love) for this boy.  After praying and uncovering his eye, he said that he could see. To be sure, I took a leap of faith and asked how many people he could see in that right section of the balcony (because the crowd had dissipated).  He counted: 1,2,3,4,5,6 in Portuguese.  There were six people! We all started jumping and clapping and his mother began rejoicing!  I then asked him what color shirt one of the ladies standing by had on and he said Azul (blue).  He was right!  Then I asked him what color bracelets I was wearing. He said orange and black. I asked him where he was on a scale of 1-10. He said he was now at a 1.  He could see!  It was Jesus who restored sight to the blind!

His mother then asked for prayer for pain behind one of her eyes. Then, I realized this was a generational issue, so I laid my hands on her eyes first and then on both of them. I spoke to and broke the effects of a generational curse upon their vision and commanded her eye pressure and pain to leave in the Name of Jesus.  She said that she came in with pain at a level 9-10 and that it was now totally gone.  We praised God!

There were two translators there at that time and several people still in line for healing of their eyes. When that boy and his mother got healed, it built more faith in the people around. All the people from that point on got healed of eye issues — red painful eyes cleared up at least 50% before our eyes.  Five more people had eye issues, pain, pressure, or were visually impaired — all got healed.  One with a retina problem said she felt like fire was in her eyes after laying hands on her.  I told her to go back to the doctor when she could and see what has happened to her retina and nerves.  I had never seen anything like this. Hallelujah!!!

Pauletta H, Energy Consultant

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