Back Condition Spoken to & Healed

A woman in her 40’s presented with back pain, about a level 6, from two herniated discs in her lower back. The pain was so severe at times she had not been able to work in three weeks.

She could only bend forward at the waist before the pain intensified. I asked Holy Spirit to come. I commanded all pain to go in Jesus’ name. I commanded the discs to shrink, the spinal column and spinal cord to come into complete alignment, and all tissue, nerves and vessels to be restored to function the way God created them. I stopped and re-evaluated what was going on. She felt extreme heat where my hand was on her lower back. I told her that was good as the Holy Spirit was working. The pain had decreased to about a 3 or 4. She couldn’t bend forward any farther.  I prayed again commanding complete restoration and all pain to go in Jesus’ name. This time the pain was completely gone and she could bend and almost touch her toes. Praise Jesus! We gave all the thanks to Jesus for the healing.

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