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Deaf Boy Healed!

At tonight’s service there was a time where the ministry team was called to release words of knowledge. I released a word for “extremely bad or totally deaf.” A young boy stood up along with others who were called for different words of knowledge. 

We prayed corporately for all who were standing. The service continued. Toward the end of the service, we had ministry time. I found the boy and asked if could pray for his hearing. Said he thought it was healed during the words of knowledge. I wanted to test. So I prayed again and went through a series of tests. These included the boy facing forward as I spoke from behind at about six feet away. His mom claimed six feet was the max and that farther away than that was very difficult for him to hear. He had an easy time and raised his thumbs every time he heard me. I wanted to test it thoroughly. I asked he could say out loud the words that I was saying to him while facing forward at about twelve feet away,. There were about 10 witnesses including the mother. I went through this series of tests for about 10 minutes. Each time I time I said a different word, and each time I stood back another 6 to 10 feet. At the end of the tests, I was approximately 30 feet away, in a noisy room saying Portuguese words with an American accent and he would still hear me! His mother was amazed! She said he had lost at least 70 % of his hearing in both ears. His left ear was even worse than his right. At 30 feet away, I asked him to cover one ear (the good ear) in a noisy room full of loud music. He repeated back to me the Portuguese words and phrases I was saying while facing the other way. I wasn’t letting him get away.

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