Deaf Ears Opened After Two Years

A 14 year-old Brazilian girl came for prayer because she was completely deaf in her right ear and could barely hear in the left ear. She lost her hearing 2 years ago after a bacterial infection. She was in the hospital nine days and since then could not hear.

I put my hands on her ears and prayed for God to touch her with his healing power. I prayed restoration from all the damage caused by the infection. We asked how she was doing and she said she was starting to hear from the right ear in which she had moments before been completely deaf. She could only hear words spoken very close to her ear. We prayed some more, thanking God for the healing and asked for increase on what had already happened. The next time we tested it she could hear even more. We continued to pray and she said hearing in both ears was getting better and better. Soon she could hear when we tested for further away, as someone with normal hearing would. She said she was so happy, very, very happy. Her face lit up and she hugged me and my interpreter very tightly. She was  elated and very thankful. Praise God!

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