Deaf in Left Ear Since Birth, Young Man Hears!

We prayed for a young man who was deaf in his left ear. As we prayed and re-interviewed, we used a 10-point scale to assess what he was experiencing (1 being no hearing; 10, clear hearing).

After the first round of prayer, he rated his hearing a 3; after the second prayer, a 4 and after the third round, a 5. The Lord brought this thought, “How long has he been deaf?” So we asked him. When he told us that he had been deaf in the left ear since birth, we prayed to break off a spirit of deafness. Then we tested his hearing by having the interpreter step farther from him and address him from the left with his right ear plugged. Up until this time, he continually tilted his head to the right to be able to hear us with his good ear; however, this time he spun left toward the interpreter’s voice. Not only was his healing complete, we also witnessed a growing boldness in his demeanor. He said he would go and share this news with others.

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