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December Brazil 2013 – Shoulder & Knee Pain Healed

Vanya responded to a word of knowledge about shoulder pain. Her left shoulder was in pain, so we prayed for healing for her shoulder. She felt the Lord’s presence and warmth in her shoulder. 

She was able to raise her arm above her head and began to cry and laugh. She was smiling and crying as well. It seemed like God’s presence and love were falling on her. She also asked for prayer for her left knee and a genetically related condition of bad circulation in her calves. After a little more prayer, she began to kick her leg out to test her knee and it was working great with no pain. WIth my eyes closed, I saw an impression of Jesus kneeling with His hand on her lower leg/knee. By then she was wiping away lots of tears, even as she smiled and chuckled. We praised the Lord together! We didn’t continue with the calves at the time, and moved on as our translator moved to another partner, so I’m not sure how far the circulation healing went, though God was clearly at work. 

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