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Deliverance From Macumba Brings Freedom For Teen

As I finished ministering deliverance to a lady, I looked at the line in front of me and there, next in line, stood a young girl. She looked like an innocent child, but when she got to me, she looked lost. She didn’t seem to know why she was there.

She said she felt blue. When I asked her if she meant depressed, she said yes. When I said to her, “Look at me,” I saw in her eyes demonic power was hiding there. I started to cast the demons out of her. I asked if she accepted Jesus as her personal Savior yet and she said that she had, 5 days ago. Then I asked her to renounce the demons and invite the Holy Spirit to fill the space where the demons were. As she opened her mouth, she started to manifest. She fell to the ground and shook violently. I started to plead the blood of Jesus over her. She started hitting her head against the cement. One Brazilian who knew her told me she had been a Macumba worshiper. She had tried to kill herself before. On her wrist were scars where she had cut herself. Two big men tried to hold her down. She was too strong for me. After a while the demons left her, we helped her up on her feet. Again I asked her to renounce the Macumba and other evil spirits. This time there was no resistance. We asked the Holy Spirit to fill the place where the demons had been, and she had a big smile afterwards. Her friends kept giving me thanks and hugs. We found out there was an older lady who led all three teenagers to the Lord just a few days before. We all thank God for His timing so we can meet these precious young ones.

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