Delivered of Spirit of Affliction, Woman Set Free of Scoliosis and Vocal Issues

A woman approached my translator and me. My translator had trouble finding the correct English words and finally ended up saying the woman wanted prayer for back, neck, shoulder pain and for her voice which was mostly gone. (This caused her emotional pain since she used to lead worship.)

I prayed over the pain in her back, shoulder, neck which was not healed. Immediately following the first prayer, God led me to switch over to her voice issue. After I had prayed the first time, she said it felt like there was a small ball inside her throat. I prayed again and this time she said it felt larger and more pronounced. I started to pray against a spirit of affliction commanding it to leave her. She felt it had moved lower into her esophagus.

I waited for the Lord and felt He wanted her to exercise her faith by coughing while I prayed for her. Upon hearing this from the translator, she said “no” right away because her doctor had instructed her to not cough, ever, under any circumstance saying it would further damage her vocal cords. I lovingly told her it was totally her decision and that there was no pressure from us at all. I just asked her to do or not do whatever God told her. She decided she would do it. So as I prayed, she coughed; very deliberately. Was she healed? No. She said with tears in her eyes that her throat felt very bad and was much worse.

I was standing next to the speaker from that evening and quickly asked him for insight. He told me to do the same thing I had done which was to command the spirit of affliction to leave. So, I did that several more times. That’s when I felt Holy Spirit nudge me into speaking tongues over her while at the same time, my personal conversation with God was saying “You are God, I’m not…only You can heal her”. Almost immediately she fell out in the Spirit in a very peaceful state. So I left her with the Lord.

After we finished the service and were getting ready to board the bus, the speaker came up to me and mentioned this lady. I thought he was wondering if she was delivered and healed. I started to say “no”, when I realized he was telling me that “yes” she was healed and delivered. Apparently, he saw her as he was leaving and asked how she was. She replied that Jesus had totally healed her back/neck/shoulder pain, which was scoliosis. He completed the healing. Her voice was fully recovered and healed. She was beaming from ear to ear! Ah, the amazing good news of deliverance by our very great and glorious God! – Kay

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