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Dermatitis & Severed Nerves in Hand Healed.

A young lady was with dermatitis on her right hand.  As we were chatting, she said ‘Oh, I also have severed nerves on two fingers of my left hand.’  

When I told her that had been my second word of knowledge that I hadn’t spoken out, both our faith went through the roof!  She could hardly bend those fingers at all.  I prayed once and they began to bend more; twice and they began to bend quite well and the third time she could freely and easily bend them right down to touch her palm! We were both overjoyed with amazement and thankfulness to the Lord. It turned out the tendons as well as the nerves had been severed, so that was the first recreative miracle I’ve seen Him perform. Such a thrill!!!  Praise Jesus!– Heather 

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