Elderly Woman Experiences Healing of Tendons in Leg & Metal Miracle in Ankle

Tonight at Igregia Batista church in Sao Paolo Dos Campos, I was in the overflow room with other Global team members. When ministry time began for healing, an elderly woman came up with two women helping her on each side.

 The elderly woman approached using a cane, informing my translator that the tendons running and down the back of her legs were causing her great pain. She was unable to squat down or bend her legs. She also informed us that she had had surgery on her broken left ankle and had metal pins inserted which disabled her from moving her ankle or foot. I got down on my knees, put my hands on her ankle and prayed. After praying, I looked and she said all the pain was gone. She started moving her foot around! I then prayed for her tendons and all pain and tension left. She was so happy! She hugged me, kissed me and when she walked away, her friend began to hand her the cane. She politely declined. She squatted down, moved her feet, bent her legs and had her friend carry her cane for her. Praise Jesus! 

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