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Emotional Healing

A woman came to Lucy (my translator) and requested prayer for her husband’s stomach pain. As we interviewed him it was revealed that he had a hernia. We prayed several times for healing of the hernia but saw no improvement. I told the couple that I was going to ask the Lord to show them and us how he wanted us to pray. The husband saw a cork bottle stopper. Lucy saw a cassette tape. The wife saw a pasture with sheep in it. My sense was that there was a spirit of fear involved but I did not mention that. This information did not seem to make any sense so I said that we would ask the Lord for clarity. Lucy got the word “tragedy”. I asked the couple if there had been a tragedy in their life recently. They related an incident that happened with their son when he got separated from them and they had to search for him. I then explained how a spirit of fear could use that to attack them. I explained to them how the spirit of fear attacked my family through my eight week old son’s lung operation. They then revealed that they had left their infant son in a hot, closed car and he almost suffocated. We broke shame, condemnation, and guilt off of them and asked Holy Spirit to fill them with his healing touch. We also prayed against fear in the wife’s life and explained how they could pray as a couple over their son because he was very fearful. We closed the session by praying for them as a couple to be strengthened in their marriage and walk together in their God given authority and power. We declared over them that Holy Spirit has not given them the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. (2 Tim 1:7, KJV) Lucy and I talked later about Holy Spirit’s revelation. I believe they had repressed (“corked” up) the thoughts (cassette recording) of that incident. The pasture with the sheep was the wife’s way of saying that everything was okay -denial. We thanked the Lord for his revelation.

Bill P, Retired

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