For those of you who have heard me speak at a Global Awakening event, you know that one of my favorite subjects is “Divine Encounters.” I love this subject because it is very personal to me. More to the point, I had an encounter that impacted the destiny and direction of my life in a way that I can’t adequately explain.

At a natural level, I recognize that numerous things influence the lives we live here on earth. Our childhood and family experiences (both positive and negative), our religious experiences, the victories and tragedies of our everyday lives, our friends, our understanding of the Bible and a variety of other things impact and shape the kind of person we will be and the kind of ministry we will have. But—I believe that for many of us—our lives are more than just the simple summation of all of our past experiences. I think there are times when a person’s life and ministry are inexplicably impacted and influenced by an encounter that surpasses one’s natural reasoning. I’m convinced that true divine encounters influence our lives in ways that no other experience can.

A simple example of this is our salvation experience. The moment we accept Jesus as our savior, our lives are changed. Our focus, desires, and outlook are all changed in a moment— and yet that’s not the end. There are other times when the God of heaven invades our lives and produces a radical change causing us never to be the same again. Personally, I believe it is impossible to have the kind of encounter I’m referencing and remain unaffected.

These experiences manifest themselves in dramatic ways such as a vision, a dream, an angelic visitation or even a voice coming from an unseen presence. But do not ignore experiences that are less radical. Divine encounters can also manifest themselves via a still, small voice. The point is not about how the encounter occurs but that our Heavenly Father touches us in a way that impacts our destiny. History, scripture and present day testimonies prove the existence of these experiences. It is my prayer and desire that you have a fresh encounter with Him that impacts you in a way that others may not understand.

But I ask you to keep in mind that the encounter is the beginning and not the culmination of the journey. Once we have experienced this type of encounter, it is important to understand that the process is as important as the encounter. Many forget this and exhibit and attitude of what I call, “going from the pew to the platform.” They forget that life is a journey (pilgrimage) and not just an event. Encounter Him and then submit to what He wants to work into and out of our lives.

Lord, I pray that everyone who reads this has a Damascus Road, Moses, or Gideon experience with You—an experience that impacts and affects their lives in a way that only eternity can reveal. Give each one the ability to see the burning bush but also to hear the still, small voice. Most of all, may they give whole hearted obedience to what You do in their lives. Amen.

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