Endometriosis Healed, All Pain Leaves!

An interpreter approached me, asking if I would pray healing for her friend, Karine, who was 18 years old. She told me that Karine had had much pain in both ovaries for a long time. I asked if Karine had a doctor’s diagnosis.

Karine replied yes. However, the interpreter didn’t know how to interpret the condition. I asked if it was endometriosis. Karine said yes and affirmed it was affecting both ovaries. I could see by her facial expression that she was experiencing a lot of pain. Before praying I asked if I could lay hands on her and she agreed. I began praying. Karine cried and soon fell under the Spirit’s power face down. She lay there weeping and I continued to pray over her a few minutes then waited for her to rise. When Karine stood up, she was smiling and gave me a big hug. I asked how she was feeling. She said the pain was completely gone. We praised the Lord for what He had done in her. I advised her how to pray for herself to keep her healing. Karine came in hurting and sad, but she left very happy, believing she was healed. – Stephanie, Homemaker/Prayer Leader
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