Sweden/England – Epilepsy Healed After Word of Knowledge Given

Just about a week before the trip, I was in my very early morning prayer time and had fallen back to sleep. During that time, I was attacked by a deaf and dumb spirit. It was breathing in my ear making sounds like that of a mute.

The right side of my face, body and tongue were paralyzed and I was being held down. I was calling out the name of Jesus over and over–forcing the words out because my tongue was paralyzed and fighting to sit up. As I was released, I turned to where the spirit had been and wagged my head saying victoriously “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.” I told the spirit –“fine, you want to mess with me, I am going to pray for every deaf and dumb spirit, every person with epilepsy, and they will be healed in the name of Jesus.” I had forgotten all about the experience until the evening we were called to give words of knowledge in Bath.

As Randy gave the teaching on words of knowledge, I began to pray and ask God what He wanted to heal. I immediately heard the word “Epilepsy.” I fought with it, not recalling the experience the week before. I said, “No way God, really?” I heard the word again. I prayed some more and then I saw an emerald green rainbow so I knew the word was from the throne room. Even after that, I was still concerned. I stood in line next to Tammy and said, I don’t want to give this word. She said, “God gave it to you. Give it. It will be good.” I was thinking, “Maybe I will just say, it has something to do with the brain or seizures or something.” I again heard the word, “Epilepsy.” As Randy approached with the microphone, I heard the word “Epilepsy” come out of my mouth and I watched as a man stood up in the far back of the church. Our eyes locked. I began to pray for him in the Spirit. I watched as he touched his head and could see that he was being touched by God. I sensed that he didn’t know what to do so I nodded my head to him in a Mom sort of way, as if to say, “It’s ok, baby.” I continued to pray and nodded again. The man came directly to me as Randy was speaking. I started to pray for him quietly and he was sobbing loudly and was being delivered. Things started to get really loud, so I hugged him and spoke peace over him.

The next day, the man’s father walked up to me to ask if I was the one who prayed for his son. I inquired further and responded that I was given the privilege to pray for him. The father told me that he counted over 5 people when we were lined up to give words and knew that I would be the one to pray for his son. He said that it was like hand in glove. He went on to say that I was the one standing like a lion out in front of the group and the others were like timid rabbits…how funny is that? I was the timid rabbit. I directed our gratitude to God and we parted. Later in the day, the same man ran into one of the team members and told them that he and his son had traveled from some island off the coast of England several hours away for prayer and recounted the testimony to the team member.

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