Esophageal Cancer Touched, Hearing Restored

We prayed for Eric who wanted prayer for esophageal cancer. His treatment was being delayed because he had nodules in his throat which made swallowing very painful. He was scheduled to have them burned off. 

There would be no way to know if he was healed of the cancer. In addition, he also asked us to pray for his hearing. He was unable to hear without his hearing aids. We prayed and asked him to remove his hearing aids. He said he could hear a little, so we prayed again and he got all excited. His daughter became excited when he said he could hear what we were saying. The daughter confirmed that he could not hear anything without the hearing aids. Thank you, Jesus. Eric was so joyful when he walked away on Monday night.

(On Wednesday, March 5, we spoke with Eric’s daughter who said she talked to her parents that day and Eric was able to swallow without pain. In an additional update from Christ Church, As of March 15, his hearing was much improved with his hearing aids on the lowest setting, being able to hear without them. With regard to the cancer, after prayer he could swallow normally, and when he went to hospital this week, they could find no nodules and were able to get on with treating the cancer.)

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