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Power of the Testimony

Here at Global Awakening, we love testimonies. We firmly believe in the power of the testimony, which is why we always make space for testimonies at our healing events.

We know that God uses testimonies to bring breakthrough and build faith in those that hear them. 


I had never received the gift of speaking in tongue and since the first second when worship started on the first day, I began worshipping in tongues. It was surreal to me. I was afraid I was mumbling nonsense, but I kept being reassured by the Holy Spirit that it was Him and reassured by other Brothers and Sisters too throughout the 4 beautiful days in Birmingham. God really met me and blew me away with His love for me by what He had to say to me.”

– Jose | Birmingham, AL – Impartation

“All I know is that people that I prayed for acknowledged that they were at least 80% or more healed. God is using everyday normal Christians to perform the miraculous. It is wonderful partnering with Him and doing His will, and seeing people healed and set free.”

– Russ | Albuquerque, NM – Impartation

“I am forever changed. Literally. I did not receive a physical healing, but I now feel confident to lay my hands on the sick to boldly approach the Throne Room to contend for healing. This conference lit a fire in me that has completely transformed my intimacy with the Lord and my hunger for more of Him.”

– Alana | Albuquerque, NM – Impartation

“During Dr. Randy’s impartation Friday afternoon. I was one of many pastors who came up for prayer, something in me believed that something was going to happen. Dr. Randy asked us to raise our hands, and I did and a surge of power moved through me. I was soon laying on the floor shaking uncontrollably, even to the point it began to hurt my stomach muscles. I tried to stop it, but I could not. I grab the arm shaking the most and I could not stop it, so I just laid there asking the Holy Spirit for more. I have never had an experience like that before, and I know I will never be the same again. Sunday during church service, I heard the Holy Spirit tell me to ask if anyone had pain in their body, so I began to ask our congregation if anyone had pain in their body that we can pray for. This has never been done in the history of this church, and it felt right, it felt like breakthrough from traditionalism.”

– Conference Attendee | Harrisburg, PA – Impartation

Testimonies at Global Awakening

“I received a powerful impartation unlike I have ever experienced in my 18 years of following Jesus. I have never been so filled with the spirit to be down on the ground under His power and it happened to me every single day I was there. Something powerful happened to me and I am changed. My hands and belly are still experiencing fire and heat followed by a directive from the Holy Spirit to move in Obedience in some manner. It’s is already leaving marks of His presence and love on others. I feel marked and changed and more alive in Him than I ever have. It both satisfied a deep longing and made me desperately hungry for MORE. I will never be the same and I want to also model that extravagant generosity.

– Rachel | Birmingham, AL – Impartation

Physical Healing

“I took a step of faith and came to the conference being released from the Hospital on the previous Friday. I was radically healed at VOA. My tribe(VOA attendees) were encouraging me and praying over me. I received multiple healings. The first was the ability to walk(Bookstore Bob was there), inner healing with the Agape Freedom Fighter team, and the word of knowledge from Dr. Clark about lower left abdominal pain(this specifically was for me as I had left the hospital with a drain tube in my lower left abdomen). I will tell you that I was in shock when He said my condition. My niece and those around me were like that’s you. When Dr. Clark called up those to share their testimonies I ran up to the stage. While I was on stage something amazing happened. I felt like I was being straightened and felt this rod on the right side of me body it was amazing!!! I left there healed and I write this looking forward for my appointment tomorrow when I get to see the doctors faces!!”
– Gineff | Woodbridge, VA – Physical Healing
“I stood after Randy had a word of knowledge that God was healing hearts. I had been treated for afib for over 14 years and on medication. I believe God has healed my heart. I am 72 years old and am no longer on any heart medication. My heart rate is normal, I go to the gym regularly and have no problems doing yard work or any other activity. God is Good!
– Michael | Richmond, VA – Physical Healing
“I was healed of a voice infirmity known as spasmodic dysphonia (SD) identified by a Word of Knowledge as a sharp twisting of the muscles around the larynx. I knew the Word was for me because the disorder is very rare. I actually experienced a creative miracle. The nerve from the brain to my larynx was regenerated. It grew back!!!! SD is a neurological condition in which the nerves affecting the muscles around the larynx deteriorate and stop working. Loss of the nerve stops muscle flexibility of the laryngeal muscles thereby preventing ordinary identifiable speech/language sounds. The voice quivers and has spasms. I had reached a point in my life such that I was ashamed to even talk. People could not understand my speech. I happen to be a preacher and trainer… so needless to say I became so discouraged that I had stopped preaching and became afraid to teach. SO PRAISE BE TO GOD for the healing. I had been experiencing progressive deterioration for 14 years!”
– Beverly | Birmingham, AL
“I sat next to a blind man on the plane on the way over who was also going to the conference. He was called out by Bob Hazlett and prophecied over in his main session. Then on the way back I again was seated next to the same man, still blind. Have you ever been seated next to the same person twice on two different airplane trips? Well I never have. So I prayed for him to receive his sight and progressively over the two hours he did. He has been completely blind for 4 years (diabetic retinopathy) in his right eye and all but some light shadows in his left. Before deboarding he could see his hands, some things in front of him, my eyes and my hair. He mostly wants to see his 4 year old grandson’s face whom he’s never been able to see. On a follow up text this week he said his grandson’s face is getting clearer and clearer. Praise God for this wonderful creative miracle so amazing to witness.”
– Darenda | Harrisburg, PA – Physical Healing

Emotional Healing

“I came there with my own plan in mind for what I thought was the kind of encounter I needed in my walk with God. God met me in a very different and personal way. I am forever changed and experiencing freedom like I’ve never known.”
– Sean | Denver, CO – Emotional Healing
“The Lord healed my soul from rejection that I’ve carried for years. The Lord removed that from my heart and filled the empty places with His Presence. It is now easy for me to come to Him as His daughter at any moment of the day or night. It is also easier for me to minister to people. He is faithful.”
– Lindsey | West Palm, FL – Emotional Healing
I received emotional healing in a way I would have never expected. It was powerful and beautiful. I have been hurt a lot by men in my life. The Lord healed those wounds and spoke to me about a ministry to women who have been abused. Right after this in the lobby, I met a woman that had been sexually abused by a priest and I prayed for her. I received a weighty impartation with electricity in my forearms and hands. As I shook on the floor (I’ve never shaken before) the Lord spoke to me promises about my children, about power, glory and demonstration and healing & deliverance. He would shake me as He spoke power, glory, demonstration, then He would repeat it louder. Then Tom Jones prayed for our destinies and I had wells of oil in my hands. I have imparted what I’ve been given to others. In worship in Oromoncto, the Lord had also done some emotional healing from the wounds from men in my life. He is setting me free!!!!
– Conference Attendee | Birmingham, AL – Emotional Healing


” I have traveled to over 20 countries and seen many different manifestations of the Holy Spirit and seen God do lots of cool things. However, I left the meeting thinking that ‘there is more’. I was blown away at the way God ministered to people, how I experienced God in all new and even more powerful ways, and how much more I perceived through the event.
– Michael | Harrisburg, PA – Activation
“The Lord used Cultivate Revival to break me out of my religious box concerning the Holy Spirit and manifestations. I went there with a highly skeptical attitude and left having been touched by God in some of the ways I was skeptical of to begin with.”
– Eric | West Palm, FL – Activation
“I was blessed and energized by the Spirit to carry on in the Lord. For me, it was like going to the gas station and getting filled up for the next leg of the journey.”
– Suzanne | Denver, CO – Activation
Just an atmosphere of love and peace. It was difficult to come back home and feel the oppression in the people and atmosphere. My body is actually responding (here) to aching in my joints, which I did not have there. The positivity of the people in the conference was so Amazing. I loved it! I want that to be the NORM where I live! I am preparing to allow God to use me to change our city and culture! Shifting Atmospheres is Goal to see God’s glory fall and to show people the love of God through his manifest presence.
– Melanie | Harrisburg, PA – Activation


“I had my own breakthrough but what I was most impacted by is how my daughter was impacted. She has been having dreams and vision since she was very young and sometimes her brother would tease her and tell her that it was just her imagination. At VOP many people who were not connected affirmed her gifting as a seer and shared God’s heart for her and how pleased God was with her. They prophesied into her destiny and she was so excited that she was indeed hearing from God because other people who did not know her – confirmed what I had been telling her. She’s now more conscious of the fact that God has gifted her and her choices at school and home must reflect her commitment to Christ. I’m grateful to God for this experience for her. For myself – I felt a warmth in my abdomen – which was supernatural and I had lost some or really Of of that tenacity and radical drive I had for God but I was infighter not only to pursue God with more fervency and intentionality but equally to steward and nurture the gifts of my 9 year old who attended with me and my son as well.”
– Alicia | Harrisburg, PA – Prophecy
“So much happened: amazing and accurate prophetic words and unlocking new dimensions of power and anointing for healing. I can tell God is moving through me in a new level of power. I’m so excited for what God is doing and expecting greater revival in my city.”
 Angela | Harrisburg, PA – Prophecy
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