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Worship Leaders Local worship team Schedule: March 14-17 Wednesday: 7:00pm Thursday – Saturday: Sessions Lunch Break Sessions Dinner Break Evening Session 9:00am10:00am11:15 am 12:30–2:00pm 2:30pm3:45pm 5:00–7:00pm 7:00pm Accommodations: Golden Tulip Ampt van NijkerkBerencamperweg 4 3861 MC Nijkerk +31 (0) 33 2471616Postillion Amersfoort VeluwemeerStrandboulevard 3Putten, Gelderland, Netherlands+31 85 0580 100Hotel Amersfoort-A1Ruimtevaart 22 3824 MX Amersfoort +31 33 454 00 00Droompark Bad Hulckesteijn(Bungalow For Groups)Hulckesteijn 33861 MZ Nijkerk, Netherlands+31 88 055 1500 Registration Information: Earlybird Rates (includes manual)$71 USD per person Regular Rates (includes manual)$107 USD per person "> Registration for the event Kingdom Foundations Netherlands
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If group discounts are available, all group members must register at one time. If a group discount is not listed, there is not one for that event. Children 12 and under may attend conferences without registration provided they stay with a guardian. Unless otherwise noted, childcare is not provided. All registrations are final. Refunds are processed for those with medical emergencies only.  There is a $25 cancellation fee for refunds. By attending this event you consent to any photographs or video footage that may be taken for promotional purpose.