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Faith Builds and Healing Comes

The first night of the trip, I was at Igreja Batista de Paz. It was also the first night of my first trip, so I was a little lost at times and there wasn’t much space or many translators. I’d prayed for a couple of people who were showing signs of the Spirit’s work. Blaine saw me from the stage and told me to pray for the man in front of him. Apparently Blaine had a word about stomach pain and was having team members pray for people who responded. I found someone to pray for and asked about the pain, which was quite bad and had been there for several months with no known cause. I put my hand on the man’s hand over the painful area and we prayed a couple of times. His pain left completely. As soon as that happened and before I could say anything else, he spoke rapidly to a translator—he’d been in a motorcycle accident and had shoulder pain. He asked if we could pray for that too. Our faith was built from the stomach pain leaving, so I laid hands on his right shoulder. That pain left too! I had him test it out and rotate his shoulder/arm and still no pain. Thank you, Jesus!


Alex A

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