Father-Daughter Heart Healings

The most striking healing I saw was at a church called “Comunidad Cristiana de Fe” in a town called La Ceja. It was a small store front church in the city that seated about 100 people. When we started, I honestly didn’t expect much. People were singing, but I didn’t sense much excitement or anticipation. Our presenter, Justin, gave a powerful message and called the team forward to share words of knowledge with the church. We were to ask God for words of knowledge for healing, but all I heard was the word “twins”, which I thought was strange. I kept pressing the Lord for a real word because I didn’t think I was getting anything. “Twins”??? Could this be my word? What had this to do with physical healing?

When the microphone came to me, I said that I heard “Gemelos”, which in Spanish means twins. After I said it, I remembered that in Spanish there is also another word for twins, “Mellizos”. I spoke this over the microphone and a woman almost jumped out of her seat! Later, she came to me with her “Melliizo” boys and husband for prayers. One of the teenage boys had a heart problem (he had surgery to repair his heart valves, but the problem was not solved). Honestly, I don’t know what happened, but I believe that given the unusual circumstances that this young man received a touch from the Lord in his heart that night. What are the chances that I would get the word twins? And that I would know that there are two words in Spanish for twins? And that in a small church that size, that there were twins who were fraternal and that one had a heart problem who needed prayer? Then comes the other part of the story.

As the evening ends, the church starts singing and praising the Lord for all He had done. As the people are worshipping and singing, I feel a nudge to start jumping and clapping my hands. It was like, we need to celebrate at another level because of all that had happened that night! The energy level was growing and growing in the room as we jumped, danced and praised the Lord (the energy level was more in line with a disco than a church service!) Our team was called to another room to have something to eat, but I felt a curious need to look back into the sanctuary as the praise continued. As I did, I noticed an older man waving at me. He was jumping and clapping his hands with the others. He came to me and wanted me to put my hand on his heart, which I did. He said he had a heart condition, but now his heart was beating normally! “Did God heal you?” I asked. He said yes, because someone in our group had prayed for healing in his heart. Now he was jumping and clapping, something he could not have done before. “Who prayed for you?” I asked him. He looked around the room, but he couldn’t see the woman who had prayed for him. Just then, my daughter Rebecca came out of the restroom and his face lit up. He excitedly pointed to Rebecca, “She prayed for me and God healed me!” My daughter Rebecca prayed for a heart condition that night, and so did I! A coincidence? Maybe, but I don’t think so. In seeing the healing that took place in this other man, I believe the Lord was also healing the “mellizo” that night. The Lord used the clapping and jumping to get this man moving and praising God to show him his healing. He had received a healing in his heart, and he knew it because of the physical changes. Praise you Lord Jesus. – Chuck, Pastor

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