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Finding Joy In the Process

Five years ago I packed up all I owned, slung it into the hatch of my Toyota Tacoma and began my journey from Murfreesboro, TN to Mechanicsburg, PA.

I had never heard of Global Awakening, Randy Clark, or the Charismatic Movement. I actually was moving to Mechanicsburg because of a faith based dance studio, Dance Revelation. My dream was to own my own dance studio.

My first year living in Mechanicsburg involved lots of healing and learning. I had just come out of an unhealthy relationship, I was away from my family, and had many broken friendships. Honestly, I was angry with God. I felt like He didn’t see me, or care about all the pain I was going through. I thought I didn’t need him, so I tried to figure it all out by myself.

In January of that year I had a, “come to Jesus moment” as I was driving down the interstate crying, angry, and thinking depressing thoughts. I heard the Lord say, “I see you. I want you. Trust in me.” Just hearing those words confirmed an identity within me that I had been searching for.

Part of the healing process He led me through was being a teachable Servant. I’ve worked behind the scenes in almost every department for Global Awakening: cafe, dance, bookstore, and web over the past five years. The Lord is continuing to show me how to be a faithful behind the scenes servant, and that being faithful in the small things reaps big reward. It’s all part of the trusting process.

My husband, Jeremiah (Randy Clark’s youngest son) and I got married in August of 2013, and have both worked for Global Awakening throughout our marriage. I think it’s important to note that Jeremiah embodies the DNA of Global: loving, passionate, fearless, humble servant, and motivated. Without realizing it, God was continuing to heal my heart with exactly what He knew I needed. He really does know the desires of our hearts before we even do!

As Jeremiah and I are prepare to move out of the state, I find myself looking back at 19 year old Lizzie and realizing how God has been so faithful to me. I’m moving now with a healthy marriage, new family, and absolutely amazing friends. I never asked God for any of those things. He’s just a good father!

The most important lesson I’ve learned from all these multiple moves, life changes, and spur of the moment decisions — besides the fact that I’m a total free spirit unicorn — is that if you trust Him in the unseen, the process becomes opportunity to build faith for yourself and others around you. God really does have the best things in store for you, and there is nothing you can do to make Him love you less. Finding joy in the process of hardship has been one of the most rewarding lessons.

I hope to always embody the heartbeat of Global Awakening, which is to serve well, love others fearlessly, lead with a humble heart, and dream big!

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