Forgiveness Leads to Healing in Joints

A  lady by the name Georgia came forward. She had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism in the last  five years and was on medication. This condition brought her pain on her joints especially her left shoulder and the whole of her left arm. Her pain was chronic for the past three years and just getting worse to a point of having  sensations and no strength on the left arm and hand. I asked her to try to squeeze my hand with her left hand and it brought her to tears and she was shaking.

I asked her if there was a significant event in the last 3 years that she can remember. She shared that she was a part of a healing team, involved in praying for others to be healed but because she was dealing with some issues in her life, she was told that she wasn’t good enough. It led her to believe she didn’t deserve healing. I led her to forgive herself for believing that she wasn’t good enough and for living her life based on that lie. She became very emotional, shaking, sweating with tears. As she verbally forgave herself, she used her left hand to wipe her tears and pinched her nose to wipe off the snot. She became aware of the movement of her left arm and hand and started to cry “more, more”. I asked her again to squeeze my hand and we discovered full strength had been restored with no pain or numbness. The sensations she felt before were all gone.

Nora, Nurse

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