Forgiveness Leads to Healing of Stomach & Headaches!

Elaine came up for prayer for her blood condition, headache, and stomach pain. The interpreter was unable to be clear about what the problem was with her blood so I prayed the blood of Jesus. 

She had stomach pain for three years and marital problems around the same time. I asked if God was showing her anything to forgive her husband for. She said, “Yes”, and verbally forgave him. I prayed and the pain lessened but did not go away. I prayed for her headache and then felt to ask if there was anything she wanted to forgive herself for. She said, “Yes”, and began to pray out loud. I had been holding her hands the whole time and she gripped mine strongly and continued to speak to God. I prayed silently and after a few minutes she looked up. Her face had changed. Her eyes were clear. She was smiling and through the interpreter told me that all the pain was gone in both her head and stomach. – Mariah

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