Forgiveness Opens Way for Healing of Pain in Leg, Hip, Knee and Hands!

A lady came forward for the word of knowledge my husband was given for “left hip pain”. She had pain in her left hip going down her left leg to just above her knee and pain in both hands when making a fist. After interviewing her to find out when the pain had started and how, I found out that a number of years ago (more than a year ago but less than four years ago, I can’t recall it exactly) she was the victim of an attempted robbery.

While she had been walking one day, a man on a moped tried to grab her bag and in the process knocked her down. Her bag wasn’t taken but she was badly injured and has had constant pain ever since the incident. The pain was very strong when she made certain movements. I asked her if she would be happy if I started by praying for God to heal her emotionally from the trauma and if she felt she could forgive the man. She said she was happy to do this so we prayed and Holy Spirit came in power and touched her causing her to cry. She spoke out her forgiveness of the man. Then I laid my hands on her left hip and leg and commanded the pain to go in Jesus’ name. I asked her if she was feeling anything and she said the pain in her hip had moved to her back so I laid my hands on her back and cast out the spirit of infirmity and affliction. She tested it out and said the pain had gone from her back and hip and her leg was feeling 50% better. So we prayed again thanking Jesus for her healing and for the 50% and then commanded the rest of the pain to go and her muscles, ligaments and tendons to be restored to full function. She tested again and said all the pain had gone in the leg and hip, so we praised the Lord and moved onto praying for her hands. After more cycles of praying and testing her hands the pain left her completely and she could make a fist with both hands without any pain. Glory to God! – Anna

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