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Germany – May 2013 — Sweet Victory of Jesus in Woman’s Life

Monday April 29, 2013
Nicoletta Sutter-Di Sario came and asked me to help pray for a woman. She was about 50 years old. She had a breast biopsy and was worried. I commanded the spirit of death and destruction to leave her as well as the spirit of fear.

As we prayed for this woman she never had any expressions on her face, body etc. So we stopped and asked. Nothing was happening. We continued praying and on the 3rd time we asked her what was happening.She said “Jesus is talking to me.” We continued to pray and waited to see what Jesus was saying to her. She said that Jesus was showing her that He was on the throne room in her heart. She was realizing His Love again since she was a child — unconditional love. At the end she had a beautiful smile. — Barbara

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