God heals painful herniated disc

I’d just like to tell God thank you. Pastor Clark had imparted healing upon me. Now I am healed of a lumbar herniated disc with a root compression.

I’ve been suffering from this for the past year, due to an affliction caused by a chair at a work station. I was unable to move my left leg. I needed a cain. I was unable to sit for extended periods of time. It put pressure on my bowel and my bladder. I’ve been asking the Lord for constant healing and God gave that to me. I have to declare victory in Jesus’ name on that. Holy spirit touched me yesterday at the conference, in the afternoon. And when I was out, I felt this peace, this warmth, and just completely no pain whatsoever. I was also able to see a vision of what God wanted me to do, to serve his people. I’ve always had that wanting to minister to people and I’ve always traveled, and I just thank God for that. I was at a 9 that day. I was asking God to let me get through the first morning session, to be able to sit. I had a seated donut to sit down. By the end of the session, I had none. It was a 2 when I got home. I had the best sleep of my life, praise God! I haven’t been able to sleep for the last year because of the pain in the spine. And I’m just grateful.
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