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Heel Pain Goes in Jesus Name!

Today at Dios Torre Fuerte, I prayed for an older woman, Antonia, with pain in her heel. She seemed very down and unhappy. I began to pray for the Holy Spirit to fill her with joy and peace.

I asked in the name of Jesus for all pain to leave her heel. After praying, she became full of joy. She started smiling and crying all in joy. She said all of her pain was 100% healed, gone in the Name of Jesus. She was the first person I prayed for in Honduras. This is so meaningful to me, because back home in New York, I had been praying for a friend, Antonia, who needs healing physically and emotionally. So, when she said her name was Antonia, I felt like God was saying, “Don’t give up on your friend Antonia. She will come to me when she’s able and willing to receive.”

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