Healing From the Inside Out

A lady came forward and presented with foot pain, leaning heavily on a brace.  She reported that she had been to 15 foot specialists and they had no diagnosis or known cause. I asked how long she had been experiencing the pain.  She reported since September.  She also shared that she had a CAT scan for a pain in her right side and they found a small mass in her lung.  I asked her what was going on in September or in the past year.  She has been taking care of her 83 year old father who has lung cancer.  I told her she couldn’t have his tumors. So I had her hand the tumor to Jesus and release her worry over her father’s salvation. I then had her declare Jesus is Savior – not her!  She had been worried that she would die before her father and he would not have anyone to take care of him.  I had her renounce agreement with the spirit of death, infirmity, fear, and the diagnosis of cancer in her lung. I broke off unholy soul ties with her father and we handed responsibility of her father to Jesus.  She works with post-abortion women, abused women and children, and is an advocate for them.  I released trauma and harm and asked Holy Spirit to rewire her memories and release the harm.  I explained to her the difference between sympathy and compassion and how her effectiveness will be increased. I also explained that we are not designed to carry all that trauma. I prayed and asked for her to sit in the heavenly places in Papa’s lap and get supernatural downloads of solutions for seemingly impossible situations, increased influence, and authority.  We released and handed patients into Jesus’ hands.  By the end, she was free from the foot pain and her back straightened!  She was able to walk without her brace pain free!  She also reported the pain in her lung had disappeared!  Thank You beautiful Jesus!

Valerie M, Healing Rooms Director

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