Healing Manifested with Heat. Forgiveness Follows

A lady came up for prayer for healing of her right shoulder, left ankle, and right hip. She said she had a serious fall and the doctors told her she had no cartilage in her shoulder, ankle, and hip. She said she was in chronic pain. She could no longer run. I prayed for each area. 

She said she felt heat and burning in her hip as I prayed and 95% of the pain left. I prayed more and the range of motion in her hip was restored. I prayed for her ankle, and she reported feeling heat and burning. The full range of movement in her ankle was restored. I prayed for her shoulder. We both heard popping and she felt heat. Then I prayed for reconciliation between her and her sister. I lead her in a prayer of forgiveness for herself and for her sister as well as her brother-in-law. She was moved emotionally and was crying. Thank you, Jesus! Healing of body and forgiveness. – Elizabeth

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